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June 2014

Day 7 - Escape to the Space Needle?

semi-overcast 66 °F

Our breakfast, a cake doughnut and one of Voodoo Doughnuts's famous bacon maple bars. They were delicious.
Succulent garden outside our door in Portland.
Powell's City of Books. A great way to spend several hours. We left with four of their million books (bringing them to a paltry 999,996), including one two hundred and two year old history book.
We didn't purchase this, but it would have fit in with Catherine's troll collection. How many readers knew about Catherine's troll collection? Please answer in the comments below.
Portlandia Activities book. Bird stencils to help "put a bird on it," conversation starters and stoppers, and many useful quizzes.
Kenny and Zuke's deli. We got latkes for today, and bagels for breakfast tomorrow.
The beautiful city of Portland. Not pictured here, but worth blogging about, was our trip to the Dr. Marten's store. Daniel got shoes for school, since it is important that his shoes be both sturdy and comfortable. The ones we got have a lifetime warranty, staying that the company will replace them whenever they wear out for the rest of the purchaser's life.
On the way from Portland to Seattle, we stopped in Olympia/ Tumwater. The houseboat that Daniel has been going to all his life is named the Olympia. The former brewery is large and abandoned. It's sort of sad to see something that was so clearly a huge part of the community and town completely gone.
Totem pole...?
A view of Seattle as we entered the city, and the house where we are staying.
We wanted to ride the Great Wheel, a Ferris wheel on the end of a pier. It was recommended to us for the great views of the city it provides. We put it in the GPS, and were directed to this container ship, near the corner of Diagonal and Marginal.
We found the wheel...
...got on...
...and enjoyed the views.
For some reason, Seattle seems to prefer "backwards diagonal parking." Catherine will not drive in Seattle for fear of having to park. She figures if she can't handle parallel parking, she doesn't even want to attempt this.
After trying a few places that had already closed their kitchens, we found Fadó Irish Pub. We were happy to have somewhere to eat. The picture shows a boxty quesadilla. (Boxty is an Irish potato pancake).
Seattle is a very beautiful city at night.
Before heading back to our room, we decided to go see the Space Needle. We called first, and found that the observation deck was open until midnight. It was eleven thirty when we parked across the street from the Space Needle. As we left our car, Catherine noticed a man standing near our car and looking in. We discussed it and decided that there was little we could do about it. However, rather than breaking in to our car, the man started following us ( or just walking towards the building like we were, but it seemed creepy in the dark). We walked quickly, hoping to take refuge in the Space Needle. Thankfully we soon noticed that he was not actually following us. Unfortunately, though the observation deck was still open, the ticket window closed at 11:30, making it impossible to go up. We have not decided yet whether we shall return tomorrow. Tomorrow we will explore Pikes Market, then head to Anacortes/ Orcas Island.

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Day 6

sunny 75 °F

Catherine has always called small car washes "buggy washes." In Jacksonville, there is a true buggy wash. Catherine was using the right name after all.
Jacksonville, Oregon. A beautiful "old west" town in the midst of the forest. We came through here on our way to I-5 after a wonderful weekend at Sturm Ranch/ 5 Aces Farms. We even got to take home a jar of honey from the bee hives mentioned earlier. We had a great time, and are now moving on to the next leg of our trip.
An old Levi add in Jacksonville.
On our way to Portland we stopped for a picnic lunch at the little town of Myrtle Creek. Myrtle Creek is one area known for covered bridges. The first bridge pictured is a driving bridge, but the second is for pedestrians only. We had a nice lunch, but while we were eating two police cars arrived, and the officers spoke to a man who was in the park. No arrest was made, and we both wonder what happened, though we will probably never know. It did make lunch a bit more interesting. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the incident.
Stopped at Dutch Brothers' Coffee, which is ubiquitous in Southern Oregon. Catherine got a "children's" size smoothie, only wanting a small treat. She didn't realize that it would come in a giant crayon cup.
Before arriving in Portland, we stopped at Mt. Angel Abbey/ Seminary. This is where Catherine's brother Michael went to college, and which we hadn't visited since Michael's graduation. The picture above is a view of the seminary on the mountain from afar.
Some views of Mt. Angel Abbey and Seminary. It is a beautiful place; very peaceful and beautiful.
St. Mary's church in Mt. Angel. Unfortunately it was closed, but it is beautiful from the outside.
A song comes to mind...
Appetizers and samples at Hopworks Urban Brewery, an organic brewery/ restaurant that was recommended to us. Everything was excellent.
We've heard a lot about this place. It has been featured on Food Network, etc. we bought doughnuts to try tomorrow morning.
A cozy room at the end of a fun day.

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Day 5

sunny 86 °F

90_IMG_0497.jpg 90_IMG_0506.jpg
After Daniel's Grandma and Aunt Jackie left for San Jose, we went to the river where the backhoe had been left. Daniel's Uncle Peter wanted to show us how to operate the machine. Catherine took pictures while Daniel learned to drive the tractor and operate the bucket and backhoe. He drove it back to the house, and Peter placed some rocks on the ground as targets to reach with the backhoe. It was a very interesting experience.
A beautiful mountain, black against the bright blue sky.
IMG_0514.jpg 90_IMG_0516.jpg
Catherine's brother Michael had recommended a brewery/ restaurant in Ashland. She didn't remember the name, but Peter said that there are only a few. One that he mentioned was Standing Stone, which uses his hops grown at the ranch in their "I ❤️ Oregon" ale. When Catherine checked with Michael, Standing Stone was the one he recommended. We ate there before going to the play, and we both tried the beer with hops from the ranch. It was very good. We also enjoyed our meal, a homemade veggie burger, garlic fries, and a delicious rhubarb crisp for dessert.
The Elizabethan Theater at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. We saw The Two Gentlemen of Verona, which was unique because it had an all-female cast. This was odd, especially because the roles were unchanged, and it simply seemed like women playing male characters. It was perhaps less innovative and transgressive than the director had intended. However, it was fun to go to the play and to experience the Shakespeare festival that we've heard so much about. The theater had an interesting backdrop, and apparently was made to at least partially reflect the design of real Elizabethan theaters.

Our stay at the ranch has been wonderful. Tomorrow we will go to Portland. We are hoping to stop by Mt. Angel along the way.

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Day 4 - Family Fun with Wine and Guns

sunny 75 °F

Orange salt and pepper shakers: a gift to Catherine from Daniel's grandma. They match the orange pitcher that she gave us for a housewarming present when we moved to Orange Avenue.
90_IMG_0368.jpg 90_IMG_0370.jpg
An introduction to beekeeping with Daniel's uncle Peter.
IMG_0384.jpg IMG_0385.jpg IMG_0386.jpg
The hives in the orchard.90_IMG_0391.jpg 90_IMG_0413.jpg 90_IMG_0381.jpg
The beautiful scenery around the Sturm Ranch in Jacksonville.
The ditch. Irrigation water for the orchard and hop yard.
The Applegate River runs through the property.
A squirrel. Despite the best efforts to save him, his fate is unknown.
Wine tasting at one of the many wineries near their house, in between Jacksonville and Applegate. 90_IMG_0430.jpg
"Experimental" wines.
Learning to shoot a handgun and a rifle near the orchard. We were both interested to try it, and hitting the targets was exciting.

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Day 3 - Part Three

sunny 75 °F

Stopped for a picnic lunch in Trinidad, CA (just outside Eureka). It was very beautiful and comfortable (the breezy, cool weather is amazing).
90_IMG_0332.jpg 90_IMG_0344.jpg 90_IMG_0353.jpg
Beautiful scenery along 101 and 199.
We know what burls are (knots of wood). We know what live means. But "live burls"??? We didn't stay to find out!
Paul Bunyan probably knows what live burls are (Paul Bunyan statue at the Trees of Mystery, which was closed when we got there). Also, how can trees be closed?
We found a little bit of home here in Oregon!

We're staying the weekend with Daniel's grandma, Aunt Jackie, and Uncle Peter in Jacksonville, Oregon. It looks like it will be a fun weekend!!

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Day 3 - Part Two

sunny 61 °F

Downtown Ferndale.
The Ferndale Museum: this museum had a lot of fascinating historical information. 90_IMG_0305.jpg
Someone had come to the post office with a goat. His only explanation was "It's my son's goat. " the goat's name was Rocky.
90_IMG_0306.jpg IMG_0308.jpg
Some views of Ferndale. The Victorian "butterfat palaces." (Mansions built with dairy money).
Assumption Catholic Church. 90_95564DA92219AC6817D43E4C3EF0A6F9.jpg
The Portuguese festa for Pentecost is this weekend.
The Ferndale Pie Shop, where we got a slice of apple-berry pie for desert after lunch.

The town of Ferndale is beautiful. There are so many cute shops, interesting buildings, and friendly people to talk to. It is definitely a place we would love to see again. After Ferndale, we headed for Jacksonville, Oregon.

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Day 3 - Part One

sunny 61 °F

The light through the trees on the back deck of our room.
The breakfast table: savory bread pudding, homemade bread with pepper jam, wild grapes, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Everything was delicious.
The view from the back patio of the farmhouse. Also, a few from the yard towards the house.
Ferns in Ferndale! IMG_0287.jpg
A view down the hill to the ocean from Poole Road. IMG_0289.jpg
Some shaggy/ fuzzy cows.
The piano in our room.

We had a great night and a wonderful breakfast, then explored the beach area and country roads. After that, we headed in to the town of Ferndale.

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Day 2 - Part Three

semi-overcast 60 °F

90_IMG_0231.jpg IMG_0237.jpg 90_IMG_0238.jpg
Did the drive through tree in Leggett. After driving through and getting pictures and video, we headed to Ferndale. In Ferndale we met our hosts and shared dinner. Everything was made from scratch, and she even made a raisin-based cake, having found out earlier that Selma is the Raisin Capital of the World. We had very interesting conversations over dinner, we even found out they met online too and have been married for 15 years.

Tomorrow we will explore Ferndale before heading off to Jacksonville, Oregon!

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Day 2 - Part Two

sunny 90 °F

90_5FBA2D362219AC681727A6B828129B95.jpg 90_5FBAAE762219AC68176DD68AB7E9ACFE.jpg
Stopped for lunch at the Russian River.
As we left the Russian River park, this animal seemed to be guarding the restrooms. It only later proved to be on a leash with an owner.
From Russia to Ukraine: the entrance to Mt. Tabor Ukrainian Catholic Monastery. 90_5FBC8B5A2219AC68178A42E88820749B.jpg 90_5FBD494C2219AC68176169040A6D86E7.jpg 90_5FBDD2B32219AC681708070CF18AD11A.jpg 90_5FBE58412219AC681755284473649559.jpg
We were greeted by one of the monks, Fr. Damian. We got a wonderful tour, including the dining hall and the church with the painted icons. We learned some interesting facts about the Eastern Rite and about iconography. We were invited to stay for dinner but decided to push on towards Ferndale.

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Day 2 - Part One

overcast 55 °F

We grabbed bagels at Noah's and left San Jose right about 8am.
Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara.
Approaching San Francisco.
Golden Gate Bridge in the fog.

It was about 11am when we left the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we headed north towards Ferndale.

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Day 1

sunny 93 °F

All packed up and ready to go! 180_IMG_0177.jpg IMG_0175.jpg

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