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Utah Again, Day 1: Venezuela

sunny 120 °F

Flora was, as always, very helpful in our packing process.

This year, we are going to Brian Head, Utah again with more of Catherine's family: her parents, her brother Nick and his wife Crystalynne and their kids, and her Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary's family. Her brother Fr. Michael will also be joining us for part of the trip. It is exciting to be back with a larger group!

We picked up some pastries in Tehachapi at a German bakery, and also got some bierocks to have as our group dinner.

In Las Vegas it was extremely hot and extremely crowded. We tried for some time to find parking, which was difficult. We wanted to go to Cornish Pasty Co., but there was no parking to be found anywhere nearby. Instead, we found a place called Viva Las Arepas, which is Venezuelan food. They had empanadas (which are of course very similar to pasties) and arepas, which seem more like a sandwich. It was very good, and we will probably go back another time when we are on our way through Las Vegas.

By the time we finished dinner it was dark, and we journeyed through Nevada, the northwestern-most tip of Arizona, and southern Utah in the darkness, reaching our destination at 12:30. We had to check in with the security guard, and we were exhausted. We're very excited about the upcoming trip!

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Maui and Kaua’i Day 3: Secrets

semi-overcast 90 °F

Today we slept in to get on a decent schedule. We hadn’t slept much getting ready for our trip, so it was nice to rest. We had a breakfast of pineapple, tea, and some muffins. We went out with the objective of driving to La Perouse Bay on the Southwest side of the island. We went to a small restaurant called Ono Kau Kau to pick up some Spam musubi and then headed south. On our way we stopped in Kihei at Kihei Pet Supply. Daniel had read that they carried a particularly well-reviewed brand of elastic cat collars. We had a nice long talk with the employee there who gave us some useful advice, and ended up buying Flora a collar and tag as well as a new toy.
After that we drove to Big Beach, and had a picnic with the musubi. It was amazing. We each only had one so we can have the others for lunch another day.
We made it to La Perouse! It was a beautiful beach and an amazing lava landscape.
At La Perouse we met a family who was staying in Wailea. We had a nice conversation with them and they offered to take a picture of us. We recommended they try Julia’s banana bread and the Maui Gold plantation, and they recommended a place called Secret Beach which was near La Perouse.
When we got there, they were also just arriving. We both parked our jeeps and walked down the path into the most idyllic tropical island scene imaginable.35B9D42B-CB9B-4D75-83D0-EAA26E9D3BAA.jpegBE790F0E-8DED-438D-A17F-E8B71813D725.jpegEAE4CE28-B9E8-42BE-A007-B1AEAF8ED1FA.jpeg3A320BD7-B163-42B8-A810-72821A4DFAD9.jpeg9A1F23CC-C7DB-458E-9C77-97340D3A2E71.jpegDF139296-7105-4795-B0E6-DB42958F1E5C.jpegBAAEE6A9-494D-42D7-BAD5-5C6923C003DB.jpegC4718B97-FDED-45B5-8F1C-4E87493C0AF9.jpeg
A truly amazing place. People started filtering in as we got closer to sunset. We took a few more pictures but left before the sun went down, to start getting on our way back to Ka’anapali in the light.
We took leave of our new friends as we both left for our respective lodgings.
We went to a beach near our hotel for the sunset and to wade into the water a little.
We went to the food truck court near our hotel and got some food. Catherine had the smoked meat from Sparky’s Food Truck and Daniel had the drunken rice from the Thai truck. We split the fries and pot stickers. Both meals were delicious.
We went for a swim in the pool and then to have dessert at the poolside restaurant. A wonderful first full day in Maui.

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Maui and Kaua’i Day 1: The Cat’s Meow

sunny 104 °F

One thing has changed since our last travel post: this June when Daniel was taking out the trash, he encountered a tiny kitten abandoned by her mother. We have named her Flora because she was hiding under a flower pot. In order to be able to go on our trip, we had to find proper accommodations for her. Thankfully, Catherine’s parents agreed to watch her. We set up these two tents as a home for her while she is there, and they also let her out for play time with supervision.

Catherine’s aunts and uncles were hosting a retirement party for her parents, so we went to the party and then went back to the house to get Flora settled. She seemed happily snuggled with her toys and ready for her “stay-cation” in Fresno. Then we drove to San Jose to begin our journey, and had dinner with a delicious dessert of pineapple pie, and a night of playing 500 with Daniel’s parents.

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