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Maui and Kaua’i Day 17: Beyond the Horizon

sunny 86 °F

We started off our day by finishing our packing (we had done most of it yesterday.) Once it was all packed we set off on our last Kaua’i adventure of this trip. We had to get our lunch for a last “car picnic” at Sueoka’s. On our way there we noticed this lizard skittering around on the hood of the car. When we stopped Daniel was able to get the lizard off our car with a piece of paper and we saw it run off.
Our last stop at Sueoka’s for our favorite Hawaiian treats: Spam musubi and Hawaiian coffees and juices.
Daniel in the car with the coffee.
We stopped at Hanalima Bakery for some malasadas. We added them to have for dessert. Catherine said “our lunch just keeps getting better and better!”
Said lunch.
We stopped at a place called The Pineapple Store, which had boxes of pineapples which supposedly didn’t need to be inspected. The inspectors thought otherwise and opened them up during their search. It was an interesting little place with chickens and pigs wandering around, and our Maui Golds were packed in Dole boxes. They seemed to be knowledgeable about pineapples and we were glad we stopped there.
In the airport, Aubrey wanted Catherine to tell her a story. Aubrey and Dalton piled on Auntie’s lap to hear the story.
Us on the plane. Once we got to Daniel’s parents’ house we found a restaurant that was open (The Garrett) and got some pizza to go. We had a nice late dinner. It has been wonderful being in Hawaii all this time, and we are so happy to have shared this wonderful experience with our family.

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Portugal Day 16: “The Isle of Home is Always On Your Mind”

all seasons in one day 77 °F

Today, Pico was completely clear, and we could see it easily from the street where our house is located.


There is a large monument commemorating the founding of Peter’s Cafe Sport one hundred years ago.
Some views of Faial.
This monument to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception overlooks Horta from the hillside. It was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.


The view from the outlook, and some pictures of us with the view in the background.
This bull, acting like Ferdinand among the flowers. We felt that his Ferdinand would only be temporary if he were provoked in any way.
Our next stop was Cedros, where we could visit Aldina’s Restaurant. Aldina is Catherine’s third cousin, not on the Andrade side but on the Escobar side. Catherine’s great grandmother, Maria Escobar, was from here and was a sister to Aldina’s great grandmother. Aldina owns a grocery store and restaurant in the same town where their great grandmothers grew up.
Catherine trying the lapas at Aldina’s. She says she really likes lapas, but Michael says she really likes garlic and lemon.
A soft, mozzarella-ish cheese with a hot pepper sauce.
Delicious bacalhau (cod fish) com natas. We’ve tried this a few places, but none of them have been as good as this.
Rice and French fries, both of which were good. There was also some pineapple pork, which was also very good but we didn’t get a picture.
Dessert was an ice cream cake.
After lunch, we went towards the house where Catheine’s Great grandmother was born and raised. Anthony remembers her as his “Grandma Andrade” who lived with him when they were little. It was an amazing experience to see the house. Unfortunately, it has recently been sold to a French couple who is seriously renovating it, but for now no one was there and we were able to see it.
Catherine has heard before that her great grandmother was born in “a red windmill.” She had the story slightly wrong: she was born near the red windmill, which can be seen from the house.
Some pictures of the house and the view from the house. Michael keeps asking why his people would have left. Life was hard here, we hear, but it is still hard to imagine leaving. We talked about the song Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears which is about Irish immigrants but seems applicable to the situation of Maria Escobar when she left. Thus, we titled our post for today after the song.
Some pictures of the family around the house. It was an emotional experience for Catherine and her father and his siblings to see the house.
Escobar descendants in front of their grandmother’s house (alternate caption, suggested by Jill Leal: Escoballin’)
Praia do Norte, where the Andrades are actually from. We took some pictures here, which was a nice opportunity.
Next, the Capelinhos lighthouse ruins and eruption site. In 1957, a great deal of land was added to Faial by this volcanic erruption. People died in the earthquakes the caused houses to collapse, and the land was ruined. People had to dig for crops that had been planted above ground. Catherine’s family was in America already by this time, but many more recent immigrant families left when the United States created a relief act to allow Azoreans to immigrate easily to escape the destruction of the volcano. The entire large hill to the west is new, having emerged from the ocean in the erruption.
This picture shows the new land very well.
Daniel attempted to take a picture of the group talking, but Jill started dancing mid-picture. It shows everyone was having fun.




We stopped to go swimming at Castelo Branco. Interestingly, while Catherine’s Andrade cousins live in Castelo Branco, they actually came from Praia do Norte. Her Furtado relatives came from Castelo Branco. We went swimming in a little pool connected to sea water, and then in a natural lava-rock swimming area.

Faial looking tropical and beachside.
After that we went down to the waterfront to see the festivities. It is amazing how late it goes, and how people of all ages seem to come.9AB8312C-5EF1-4448-8A4D-D1A8FA74C219.jpeg
Katie with a SuperBock beer.
Dinner at a little barbecue-oriented place. We ordered chouriço, bread, and some cheese to make sandwiches. We also had the opportunity to have some ginja in edible chocolate cups.
They were selecting the queen (rainha) for the Semana do Mar, which consisted of girls walking down a runway with music playing and people being able to vote by phone or Facebook. Apparently a queen was chosen after we left.
Some beautiful buildings in Horta.

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Portugal Day 15: Insane

all seasons in one day 69 °F

The first thing we did was drive up to the Caldeira do Faial, the giant volcanic caldera in the center of the island (the island is fairly round, or slightly pentagonal). There is a hike around the entire Caldeira, which most of the group did. Catherine and some others stayed at the vista point and walked a little bit onto the trail.
At first, there was a great deal of fog. It was a very nice hike, but it was impossible to see anything particularly interesting besides the trail. Nonetheless, it was very pretty and the weather was pleasant.
A sign showing the distances to the various places from here.
Then, it cleared up beautifully. We could see all the way down to the Caldeira and all the way to the ocean, including a view of São Jorge.
The hydrangeas are abundant around the Caldeira.
To quote Fr. Michael “if I had to pick one phrase to describe this view, it would be ‘insane in the membrane.’”
A small chapel at the end of the hike.
Faial at its most tropical-looking.
I don’t have many pictures of this, but we went to Varadouro, which is a beautiful swimming spot among volcanic rocks that seems to be pronounced the same as Barad-dûr , Sauron’s evil fortresss in Lord of the Rings. While the dark volcanic rocks and jagged crags do look a bit like Mordor, it was a very pleasant place to swim. There are large coves in the ocean equipped with ladders, diving boards, etc. Most of us jumped into the ocean, first from the ledge and then from the diving board. The waves make it a sort of wave pool, and the water is cold but rather pleasant in the heat. We had a great time swimming there.
After this we went to the home of Jose Antonio, who is Catherine’s third cousin. His mother is Natalia, who’s mother was Maria. Catherine’s grandfather Tony visited Maria in the Azores shortly before Maria died. Maria’s mother was Ana, whose brother Francisco was Catherine’s great grandfather. There are more pictures from this dinner, but they were taken on other people’s cameras so we will post them later. We had a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed visiting with the family. Our lack of Portuguese skills was a bit of a problem, as they spoke limited English and the older generations did not seem to speak it at all (although we learned that videos of cows dancing are the universal language. Which, if we had to describe in one phrase...). Also, we must learn to make arroz doce.
After this, we walked down to the waterfront. While Semana do Mar has not yet officially started, there are already many stands with food, concerts going on, and people out late. It was a lot of fun to walk around and look at everything.
Usually in California, Portuguese festas are held at halls called “I.D.E.S. halls.” This stands for Irmandade do Divino Espírito Santo, or Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit. It was interesting to see that they have the same society here in the Azores.

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Portugal Day 11: Hoje, Ananáses!

(Today, Pineapples!)

semi-overcast 74 °F

Today we flew from Lisbon to São Miguel we were all on the same flight, so we had to try to trade seats to sit together. We were able to, but Katie and Anthony were not.
Catherine happily using the people mover while we trudge along on the ground.
Adeus, Lisboa!
Olá, Açores!
Catherine and Anthony minutes after setting foot for the first time in their ancestral islands (although Anthony’s grandparents were really from Faial, not São Miguel.)
Some pictures of the plants around the house where we are staying. There’s even a banana field in the back yard, but none of them seem to be ripe right now.
The Casa de Fruta Empire is vast indeed.
Actually, we are at the Arruda pineapple plantation.
The pineapples are grown in whitewashed greenhouses.


Some pictures of the pineapples at their various stages of growth.
A statue of the founder of the plantation, and one of some kind of allegorical bromeliad royalty...
There are fish in the water tanks, probably to fight off mosquitos.
A pineapple cat, most likely named Ana. It’s even orange like an ananás.
Some pictures of the snack stand, where you can get all kinds of pineapple treats. We got pineapple juice, pineapple cake, pineapple liqueur, pineapple white snow, and of course, cut pineapple.
We went back to the house, then walked to the restaurant where our reservation was already made. Some pictures of the streets of Ponta Delgada as we walked to the restaurant.
Anthony, his brother Gary, and his brother Joe.
The first course: lapas (limpets). Neither of us really care for sea food, but we resolved to at least try it. It wasn’t too bad: very lemony and garlicky (probably due to the large amount of lemon and garlic on them).
We did skip the octopus, leading to the charge that Catherine says she’s adventurous but she’s not.
Pineapple cake was less difficult to eat.
Catherine’s brother, Fr. Michael, and their Uncle Gary.
Catherine’s cousin Justin and his girlfriend Madeline.
Catherine’s Uncle John and Aunt Terri.
Catherine’s cousins Ryan and Nicole.
Ryan’s father-in-law Manny, and Manny’s daughter Jill. Manny was born on Faial.


The entire group.
The streets at night.

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Portugal Day 8: Viagem

sunny 79 °F

We had breakfast in the beautiful common room. There were a few pieces of bread and some water, so we at first got a coffee and sat down. We asked one of the employees if there were any croissants left, and she said “one second.” We were starting to get impatient with waiting for a single croissant when she came back in with two of these huge breakfast boards. We ended up having a delicious breakfast.
Some last pictures of Porto. Such a beautiful city.

After that we drove from Porto to Lisbon to meet Catherine’s parents and aunts and uncles, who got into Lisbon yesterday. It was a beautiful drive, although we were a little pressed for time and couldn’t really stop and take pictures.

Our room at the Intercontinental Hotel. It’s a beautiful room with a great view.
We went with Catherine’s parents to the Time Out Mercado. We got Thai food (which owes its spiciness to Portuguese trade, according to João our AirBnB host in Coimbra), and then went looking for a place to hear fado music.
But first we got dessert. Daniel had a pastel de nata, but everyone else had ice cream.
Tiny doors as we climb the Bica hill.
The busy Bairro Alto, which had numerous fado clubs and bars. We found one that let people in in small groups for sets of three or four songs. It was very enjoyable to hear it in an intimate, less formal setting.
The fado singer and musicians.
We went back to the hotel early because we have a bus tour to Fátima tomorrow and need our sleep.

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Ireland Day 6: Baking Lessons and Other Adventures

semi-overcast 65 °F

We started the day with a delicious breakfast at Mary Kathleen's house. It was Catherine's first time trying Mary Kathleen's delicious and (literally) world famous treacle bread. Daniel had tried to bring some to her last time he was here, but it fell on the floor of his apartment in Galway and never made it to Catherine. Thus, she waited ten years to try it. It was delicious, and in fact Catherine asked Mary Kathleen to teach her how to make it.
Jake, Attracta's dog.
Views from Mary Kathleen's house: it's a beautiful place and we loved staying there.
We went on a morning walk with Mary Kathleen and her daughter Marie. We had Marie's dog and Attracta's dog with us. Apparently there are still several cows there on the farm, which Ciaran (Mary Kathleen's son) takes care of. They are beef cattle, but Mary Kathleen likes to think of them more as pets.
Our walk brought us to Marie's house, where we had tea and bread and jam, and ham and cheese if we wanted it. It was a nice little stop along the walk.
We walked up towards the bog land where the family gets the turf they use for fires, and snacked on wild bilberries along the way. They tasted like blueberries, but they were more tart and smaller.
Catherine talking with Mary Kathleen during the walk.
Snowy and Molly, Mary Kathleen's pet donkeys. Marie gave Catherine a bowl of carrots to feed them.
Attracta, Mary Kathleen, Catherine, Róisín (Mary Kathleen's granddaughter), and Rose (Mary Kathleen's daughter, Róisín's mother.
Daniel, Mary Kathleen, Catherine, Róisín, and Rose.
Mary Kathleen, Daniel, Róisín.
In looking through old family photos, we found this one of John Caulfield Senior. This is Mary Kathleen's great grandfather, and Daniel's great great great grandfather. Catherine felt that his "smile" was similar to Daniel's.
Mary Kathleen and Daniel imitating their ancestor.
Mary Kathleen showed us the church in the village of Aghamore, where Daniel's great great grandparents regularly went to Mass, and where his great grandfather Dominic would have grown up going.
The graves of John and Margaret Caulfield, who were Daniel's great great grandparents and Mary Kathleen's grandparents.
Some more views of the Aghamore graveyard.
Daniel driving and talking with Mary Kathleen.
Knock Shrine, the old parish church. This is where the Virgin Mary appeared in 1879, and it is a huge shrine that attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Today there was a rededication for the newer basilica, which was first opened forty years ago. The Archbishop of Boston, Seán Cardinal O'Malley, was celebrating a Mass along with three other bishops. There was also a large delegation from Boston present, and most local people, hearing our American accents, presumed we were from Boston.
The new (or forty year old) basilica at Knock. Some pictures show the Mass going on for the rededication. There is also a new mosaic above the altar, which is beautiful. This seems to have been added within the last year, and Mary Kathleen was quite proud of it.
The grave of Monsignor James Horan, who was pastor at Knock and raised money for the airport. The airport is a great benefit to the community in County Mayo, and several of Daniel's cousins work there, and Mary Kathleen has a high opinion of the Monsignor.
Mary Kathleen's daughter Martina, Martina's daughter Sorcha, Mary Kathleen, Catherine, and Daniel. Martina could only stay for a minute, but we were glad that we were able to meet her. Sorcha wasn't born when Daniel was here last, so it was nice meeting her as well.
Stopped at Marie's house again to see the garden. She has a beautifully decorated garden with little figurines and other cute items. Most of Mary Kathleen's children live on the same property: Attracta lives just south of her along the road, and Marie, Liam, and Ciarán live along a small driveway. Rose and Martina live in nearby towns, and Sean is currently working in England and living with his uncle. It is very nice for Mary Kathleen to have her children and grandchildren so close to her.
The back of Mary Kathleen's old house.
Baking lesson! Catherine learned how to make Mary Kathleen's delicious treacle bread. We can't wait to make it at home. It is incredibly delicious, and, according to Mary Kathleen, has a lot of health benefits.
Liam's daughters, Shannon and Caitlyn, were the judges for Catherine's treacle bread making. Shannon gave her 84 1/2, and Caitlyn gave her 61!
Catherine's first treacle "cake." Waiting for breakfast tomorrow!
A cozy turf fire, a cup of tea, and a nice conversation to finish off a fun and busy day.

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Day 18 - In the Shadow of Mt. Adams

sunny 77 °F

We drove from Hood River, which is in northern Oregon, to the ceremony, which was held in Trout Lake, Washington. Catherine's cousins Kendra and Kaitlyn came with us.

From left: Catherine, Kendra, Kaitlyn.

The seating was on hay bales, and there was an arbor that beautifully framed the mountain. Catherine's cousin Elise rode in on one of her family's horses.

People milling about after the ceremony and before the reception.

View of the mountain as the sun began to go down on the summer solstice.

People with heart-shaped sparklers.

Catherine with a heart-shaped sparkler.

Mt. Adams, framed by a burnt-out sparklers.

The female Hein cousins. From left: Julianna, Joanna, Catherine, Kendra, Kaitlyn, Elise, Jess.

A picture of us with some of Catherine's cousins. From left: Kendra, Joanna, Kaitlyn, Catherine, Daniel.

Some pictures of people enjoying the reception.

The mountain as we were leaving the reception. Daniel was driving back to Hood River. Catherine, Kendra, and Kaitlyn...weren't. As we drove past one farm, they asked Daniel to stop so they could take pictures with the llama. Daniel agreed (after a chant of "turn a-round, turn a-round" from Catherine, Kendra, and Kaitlyn), but requested that everyone stay inside the car. As soon as the car stopped, the doors opened. No one even listened to Daniel's brief "primer on camelid behavior" before approaching the creature. Catherine and Kaitlyn were especially bold in approaching the llama (Kendra turned around and returned to the car with some choice words when the beast rose to its feet.)
To quote Daniel (and to sum up the night) "what is it about being sober that makes a person not want to harass farm animals?"

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