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Day 20 - Forbidden Fruit

(They didn't make us throw away our apples at the California border)

semi-overcast 80 °F

Some views from the balcony in Redmond.

Inside the room at the timeshare.

View of the mountains during our drive.

The Pumice Desert, which Mt. Mazama covered in volcanic rock during eruptions millennia ago. Nothing has grown well there since.

Our first up-close look at snow during this trip!

Mt. Mazama as it looks today. It is now called Crater Lake. An eruption about eight millennia ago resulted in the entire top of the mountain blowing off. Over time, the caldera that was left behind filled with rain and snow. The water in Crater Lake is incredibly clear and clean, as it is still fed exclusively by rain and snow. No rivers or streams flow out either. The lake holds the world record for clarity, as a person can see a hundred and fifty feet under the water.

Us in front of the lake.

A little creature enjoying the side of the caldera.

The island in Crater Lake is called Wizard Island. Wizard Island is a large volcano in its own right, and emerged after the caldera was already full of water.


The pristine clarity of the lake makes it incredibly blue.

We went to Crater Lake with Catherine's parents, then parted ways afterwards so we could head home and they could go back to Bend. We had a great time. An avalanche/ road work resulted in a lengthy road closure, during which time we had a "car picnic" in their car. The traffic delay gave us almost enough time to eat. Then, the official said it was time to go and the road was open, sending the two of us rushing back to our car so as not to hold up traffic. It was an extremely fun day.

Seen near the rim of the caldera...but it is actually just someone's dog.

Some first views of Mt. Shasta as we enter California. Mt. Shasta is part of the Cascades (not even the southernmost cascade: that is Lassen Peak), and it dominates the sky and the landscape all around the area.

Our studio in Mt. Shasta. It's very cozy and comfortable, and seems to be the perfect stopping off point on our way home.

The interior of our Mt. Shasta studio.

The view from the window of the studio.

Tonight is the last night away on our trip. Tomorrow we will take the longest section of our drive thus far, and go all the way home to Selma. It has been a wonderful trip so far, and tomorrow will surely bring the same fun and adventure that we have had all along.

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Day 17 - Northern Exposure

sunny 66 °F

Leaving Spokane. A picture of us with Daniel's Aunt Barb.

The countryside between Spokane and Roslyn. Most of it is desert, but there are some very pretty areas.

Cicely's Gift Shop in Roslyn. Notice the "Dr. Joe (l) Fleischman" sign in the window.

Some pictures of the KBHR station in Roslyn. In fact, it is now a visitor's center. The volunteer at the visitor's center took our picture in the window where "Chris in the Morning" had his show.

Roslyn (s) Cafe. Of course, we didn't eat here. We ate at...

The Brick!!! The exterior looks exactly like the show. Apparently the interior scenes were filmed on a Seattle soundstage, so the interior of the bar looks a bit different. However, it was still amazing to eat at The Brick.

The building that was the set for Dr. Fleischman's office is now a gift shop. The owner was an extra on several seasons of the show, and told us a lot about the actors and the history of the show. We even got to see Marilyn's desk, which is still in it's place, though turned around the other way.

Correction: the second picture is the Roslyn Grocery Store, which was Ruth Anne's store on the show. It is across the street from Northwest Mining Company/ Cicely's Gift Shop/ Dr. Fleischman's office.
Another view of the Brick, and telephone pole that is a totem pole. Catherine has been saying all along on this trip that telephone poles should look like totem poles in the Northwest.

In all seriousness, Roslyn was a great place to visit. It has an intriguing history as a Washington coal mining town, and it looks exactly like it must have when Northern Exposure was filmed there. The gift shop owner told us that he sees the actors from the show fairly regularly when they come back to the town for various events. It was hard to not feel like we were in the show (and very hard not to hum the theme song the whole time we walked around). After we finished touring Roslyn, it was off to Hood River for Catherine's cousin Elise's wedding.

When we got to Hood River, we went to dinner/ drinks with Catherine's cousin Kaitlyn. We ran in to Catherine's uncle Dooley, and her cousins Thomas, Gregory, and Julianna. We had a great time. Tomorrow, we have the wedding and will certainly have a good time again!

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