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Hawaii Day 2: Our Car is Bugged!

all seasons in one day 86 °F

Our flight was at 10:20, so we had to get up early to get to San Francisco and get through security on time. Daniel's mom drove us to the airport, and we made it just in time to get a couple of coffees and get on the plane. Hawaiian Airlines names its planes after stars or constellations that were important to ancient Polynesian navigators. Ours was called Keali'iokonaikalewa, which is the star Canopus. Daniel appreciated the astronomical connection.
Catherine arranged for the lei greeting at the airport. Kahului Airport is interesting: very open and outdoor-feeling. It was very hot and humid and extremely windy. The palm trees were bending in the wind, and everything looked like the quintessential tropical destination.
We landed at about lunch time, Hawaii time. Catherine's parents had not yet eaten, and we had only had a little food on the plane. Catherine used Yelp to find a parking lot with several food trucks and a place to eat, very close to the airport. We all found food to eat from the various trucks, and enjoyed a delicious first meal in Hawaii.
We were especially excited about "Thai Mee Up," a Thai food truck. The spiciness scale went from 1 to 10. We asked for a seven. It was spicy but edible, and delicious. Both of us thought it was some of the best Thai food we've had. After we finished, we headed to our hotel in Kaanapali.
Catherine's dad thought he had found such a good, empty parking space. At first he couldn't see why we all objected to him parking there.
Some pictures of the hotel where we're staying. It has a similar open design to Kahului airport, and seems very comfortable. Currently, only Catherine has spotted lizards. Her current count is two.
The view from our room. No ocean view, but the side of the mountains and a beautiful double rainbow (which isn't technically permanent, but was present for most of the day today.
Catherine and her mom with matching leis and matching hats on the balcony.
We went to the beach to wade into the water, and saw a lot of people snorkeling. Since we had, courtesy of Daniel's parents, all of our snorkel equipment in the room, we went back to the room and got it, then went snorkeling. We hadn't expected to do so much on our first day, but it was a fantastic experience. Catherine's dad went with us, and we saw (judging by the "Snorkel Bob's" fish guide available in the room), a couple coronetfish, many varieties of butterflyfish, a humuhumunukunukuapua'a, a few redlip parrotfish, some unicorn surgeonfish, and some others that don't seem to appear on the card. And this was in the later part of the day, when the hotel staff said there would be lower quality snorkeling.

After this, we decided to go to the store to pick up some supplies. We went to the parking garage and got in the car. As Daniel was about to sit down on the seat, he noticed what he thought were flower petals from the leis. He went to pick them up, and they moved! As it turns out, they were small, flying cockroaches. Catherine was especially disgusted, and screamed when she saw how many there were. We decided not to go to the store tonight, and we will call tomorrow and hopefully get a new rental car. Rather than going to the store, we walked to the hotel bar/restaurant for dessert and drinks, then back up to the room to write our blog for today. Hopefully tomorrow we will have a non-bugged car!

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Day 5

sunny 86 °F

90_IMG_0497.jpg 90_IMG_0506.jpg
After Daniel's Grandma and Aunt Jackie left for San Jose, we went to the river where the backhoe had been left. Daniel's Uncle Peter wanted to show us how to operate the machine. Catherine took pictures while Daniel learned to drive the tractor and operate the bucket and backhoe. He drove it back to the house, and Peter placed some rocks on the ground as targets to reach with the backhoe. It was a very interesting experience.
A beautiful mountain, black against the bright blue sky.
IMG_0514.jpg 90_IMG_0516.jpg
Catherine's brother Michael had recommended a brewery/ restaurant in Ashland. She didn't remember the name, but Peter said that there are only a few. One that he mentioned was Standing Stone, which uses his hops grown at the ranch in their "I ❤️ Oregon" ale. When Catherine checked with Michael, Standing Stone was the one he recommended. We ate there before going to the play, and we both tried the beer with hops from the ranch. It was very good. We also enjoyed our meal, a homemade veggie burger, garlic fries, and a delicious rhubarb crisp for dessert.
The Elizabethan Theater at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. We saw The Two Gentlemen of Verona, which was unique because it had an all-female cast. This was odd, especially because the roles were unchanged, and it simply seemed like women playing male characters. It was perhaps less innovative and transgressive than the director had intended. However, it was fun to go to the play and to experience the Shakespeare festival that we've heard so much about. The theater had an interesting backdrop, and apparently was made to at least partially reflect the design of real Elizabethan theaters.

Our stay at the ranch has been wonderful. Tomorrow we will go to Portland. We are hoping to stop by Mt. Angel along the way.

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