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Maui and Kaua’i Day 17: Beyond the Horizon

sunny 86 °F

We started off our day by finishing our packing (we had done most of it yesterday.) Once it was all packed we set off on our last Kaua’i adventure of this trip. We had to get our lunch for a last “car picnic” at Sueoka’s. On our way there we noticed this lizard skittering around on the hood of the car. When we stopped Daniel was able to get the lizard off our car with a piece of paper and we saw it run off.
Our last stop at Sueoka’s for our favorite Hawaiian treats: Spam musubi and Hawaiian coffees and juices.
Daniel in the car with the coffee.
We stopped at Hanalima Bakery for some malasadas. We added them to have for dessert. Catherine said “our lunch just keeps getting better and better!”
Said lunch.
We stopped at a place called The Pineapple Store, which had boxes of pineapples which supposedly didn’t need to be inspected. The inspectors thought otherwise and opened them up during their search. It was an interesting little place with chickens and pigs wandering around, and our Maui Golds were packed in Dole boxes. They seemed to be knowledgeable about pineapples and we were glad we stopped there.
In the airport, Aubrey wanted Catherine to tell her a story. Aubrey and Dalton piled on Auntie’s lap to hear the story.
Us on the plane. Once we got to Daniel’s parents’ house we found a restaurant that was open (The Garrett) and got some pizza to go. We had a nice late dinner. It has been wonderful being in Hawaii all this time, and we are so happy to have shared this wonderful experience with our family.

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Maui and Kaua’i Day 3: Secrets

semi-overcast 90 °F

Today we slept in to get on a decent schedule. We hadn’t slept much getting ready for our trip, so it was nice to rest. We had a breakfast of pineapple, tea, and some muffins. We went out with the objective of driving to La Perouse Bay on the Southwest side of the island. We went to a small restaurant called Ono Kau Kau to pick up some Spam musubi and then headed south. On our way we stopped in Kihei at Kihei Pet Supply. Daniel had read that they carried a particularly well-reviewed brand of elastic cat collars. We had a nice long talk with the employee there who gave us some useful advice, and ended up buying Flora a collar and tag as well as a new toy.
After that we drove to Big Beach, and had a picnic with the musubi. It was amazing. We each only had one so we can have the others for lunch another day.
We made it to La Perouse! It was a beautiful beach and an amazing lava landscape.
At La Perouse we met a family who was staying in Wailea. We had a nice conversation with them and they offered to take a picture of us. We recommended they try Julia’s banana bread and the Maui Gold plantation, and they recommended a place called Secret Beach which was near La Perouse.
When we got there, they were also just arriving. We both parked our jeeps and walked down the path into the most idyllic tropical island scene imaginable.35B9D42B-CB9B-4D75-83D0-EAA26E9D3BAA.jpegBE790F0E-8DED-438D-A17F-E8B71813D725.jpegEAE4CE28-B9E8-42BE-A007-B1AEAF8ED1FA.jpeg3A320BD7-B163-42B8-A810-72821A4DFAD9.jpeg9A1F23CC-C7DB-458E-9C77-97340D3A2E71.jpegDF139296-7105-4795-B0E6-DB42958F1E5C.jpegBAAEE6A9-494D-42D7-BAD5-5C6923C003DB.jpegC4718B97-FDED-45B5-8F1C-4E87493C0AF9.jpeg
A truly amazing place. People started filtering in as we got closer to sunset. We took a few more pictures but left before the sun went down, to start getting on our way back to Ka’anapali in the light.
We took leave of our new friends as we both left for our respective lodgings.
We went to a beach near our hotel for the sunset and to wade into the water a little.
We went to the food truck court near our hotel and got some food. Catherine had the smoked meat from Sparky’s Food Truck and Daniel had the drunken rice from the Thai truck. We split the fries and pot stickers. Both meals were delicious.
We went for a swim in the pool and then to have dessert at the poolside restaurant. A wonderful first full day in Maui.

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Hawaii Day 9: A Hole New World

semi-overcast 83 °F

Today we slept in, having gotten back from the Road to Hana fairly late and needing sleep. Here are some pictures of the resort, which we haven't yet shown in great detail. It's very large, and the architecture is very open allowing the breeze to come through. We decided to head to the Nakalele Blowhole, north-east of the resort. In addition to the interesting nature of the blowhole itself, we heard that Julia's banana bread stand, said to be the best on the island, has a "pop-up stand" near the blowhole.
We did find Julia's stand, but they had just run out of banana bread. We talked with the two men who were working there, and they advised A. That we come back tomorrow when they would have bread and B. That we not hike all the way down to the blowhole before first confirming that it was "going."
Some views of the beautiful cliffs near the blowhole.
It was extremely windy. The blowhole is at the very northern tip of the west side of Maui, which exposes it to the trade winds and makes this part of the island very windy. It was so intense that you could feel yourself almost being pushed back. We minded the edges and walked very carefully.
The blowhole, which is emphatically not a water park. It is essentially a tube that waves go into, which then shoots water up like a geyser. We saw many people walking close to the blowhole. We had read an article saying that people die every year by being sucked into the blowhole, so we stayed well clear of it.
We had some spam musubi in the car. This is a food, popular in Hawaii, which is essentially a piece of marinated spam with rice and a seaweed wrap. It was actually very good, and made a very decent lunch.
A beautiful view on our drive back.
Dessert: shave ice!
Half guava and half lilikoi (passionfruit).
The old fort in Lahaina, built by the Kingdom of Hawaii after a group of whalers fired cannons at a missionary settlement.
Some views of the banyan tree, a huge tree planted in the late 19th century. It's as multiple trunks, which descent from the branches as vines and then attach to the ground. It is an amazing tree, providing shade for the space of an entire small park.
Some of the historic district of Lahaina, including the Baldwin house, where a missionary/ physician named Baldwin lived.
Kukui nut trees. These nuts were historically used to make torches, as they have a great deal of oil. They are also used to make leis.
Some views of the beautiful sunset in Lahaina.
We had plans to go to Lahainaluna Cafe at Front Street and Lahainaluna, so we parked by the banyan tree and walked down Front Street. It was beautiful. The "Lahaina Store" was an interesting historic building, and the street itself was very picturesque.
On our way, we noticed this store selling prints of old art and maps. We went in...
We bought this map and frame. It is the first map to be published in Hawaii and in the Hawaiian language, thus rendering, for instance, Molokai as "Molokai" rather than "Morotoi" as it had been on previous maps.
We didn't buy this one. It cost over $20,000 because it is an original from the first publication of Captain Cook's map. It seems to have been written by Tahitian speakers (thus "Morotoi" and "Ranai"). While we didn't decide to buy it, it was thrilling to look over it and hold it. We also had a long and interesting conversation with Bob, who works there. We discussed maps, linguistics, and the various groups of people who settled in Hawaii.
Delicious food at the Lahainaluna Cafe. The POG juice was very good, despite Daniel's objection to the mid-nineties children's game of POGs, which was named for the juice. We had a very nice evening, and were very happy to have found the Lahaina Printsellers shop.

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