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Maui and Kaua’i Day 11: Nobody Candy Nigh

“Chocolate’s healthy? I thought it was just a treat!”-Aubrey

overcast 86 °F

This morning we took Aubrey for her belated birthday excursion (or “birthday extravaganzo” as she called it.). We started by driving to Lydgate chocolate farm in Kapa’a. Along the way Aubrey had some Portuguese sweet bread (Aubrey said “I want to crunch and munch a bunch of this!”) We had a great conversation with her that touched on the purpose of tree tunnels in Hawaii (“for princes and princesses!”), genealogy (“someday I’ll be a mommy, and then a grandma, and then a grandma Jackie!”), and current family relations (“so I’m aunty’s niece?!”)
When we arrived at the farm Aubrey was instantly popular with everyone. She was the only child on the tour, and was incredibly polite and inquisitive throughout the tour. The guide, Andrea, first helped Aubrey feed a chicken. Aubrey fearlessly held out her hand and let the chicken eat crushed macadamia nuts.
Aubrey “posing” with the macadamia nuts and nutcracker.
All of us before the tour began.
The tour guide showing us vanilla beans growing.
Trying some cherries.
A demonstration of the papyrus plant which culminated with Aubrey receiving her favorite toy of the day:
A papyrus frond! It can be an umbrella, a sweeper, or even troll hair!
Getting ready for the tropical fruit tasting.
We tried longan, egg fruit, lychee, dragonfruit, soursop,
palm blossom honey, and black pepper.
Aubrey wielding her papyrus frond.
Aubrey trying the palm blossom honey, which she asked to be able to do.
Daniel trying fresh black pepper. It was incredibly good.
We then got the chance to look at cacao pods and even try the beans from the pod. Aubrey didn’t like them, but we found them palatable.
Aubrey with her frond.
All of us in the cacao orchard.
The tour guide gave us an interesting talk on the origins of chocolate as a precursor to our tasting. Aubrey didn’t have much interest in that part (although we found it fascinating and informative.)
Thankfully the farm had some coloring books and markers for her.
Aubrey participated in every part of the blind tasting, and liked every one of them besides the 100% cacao baking chocolate. Her tasting notes (transcribed by Daniel) included “Emma Ems (M&Ms),” “Oreos,” and “Yummy!”
Aubrey asked if she could give Andrea the “recipe” she created, which Andrea was happy to accept. She also wanted a picture with Andrea.
More frond time!
We all had a great time on the tour.
Aubrey asked Andrea if she could feed the chickens one more time.
One last “ice cream cone water” (water in those pointed conical water cooler cups).
And a few pushes on the swing, and we were off to lunch.
Daniel got a veggie enchilada stack and Catherine and Aubrey got nachos. Aubrey was very sleepy, and we talked about jet skis because we saw a truck pulling one. Aubrey, differing greatly from her mother at her age, said she wouldn’t want to go on a jet ski and if she did she wouldn’t want to go fast.
We then went to a place called Uncle’s Shave Ice. Aubrey and Catherine speculated that you have to be an uncle to work there, but the girl at the counter probably wasn’t an uncle. Aubrey got birthday cake, pineapple, and cotton candy flavor, while we split a lilokoi and guava one.

Now, in Daniel’s family the song “Happy Birthday” is always followed by “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow.” Daniel grew up believing they were one song. Catherine asked Aubrey if we could sing her “Happy Birthday.” Aubrey replied
“Okay, you can sing happy birthday but not the jolly o fellow part and not the candy part, cause the jolly o fellow part and the candy part can get pretty long.” Catherine wasn’t sure what Aubrey meant by “the candy part.” Daniel said “when it says ‘nobody candy nigh.’” We sang her “Happy Birthday” without
the “jolly o fellow” part or the “candy” part. She told us that even though it’s not our birthdays she wants us to try some of the delicious birthday cake shave ice.

At the end of the day, we came back to the house and started to carry Aubrey in. She started vomiting and screaming. So after a beautiful and joyful day, it looked like she was miserable. It could have been from eating more sugar than usual or too much time in the heat and humidity. Thankfully she recovered after a nap and was feeling well by the time the party started.

We all worked on getting ready for the party we’re hosting. During this trip we each are hosting a meal at our family’s house. Today was our day. Here Dalton is helping Catherine ice the drinks.
We served linguiça, or “Portuguese sausage” as it’s called here, sandwiches, with Hawaii chips, macaroni salad, Hawaiian fruit juices, and mai tais. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party quite a bit.

One of the best things at the party was Daniel’s mom’s pineapple pie. Daniel’s parents had this in Costa Rica and loved it, and his mom learned to make it after their trip. Here she was able to make it from Maui Gold pineapples, and it was incredible.
People eating, and Dalton seeing what it’s like to sit in a plumeria tree.

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Portugal Day 13: The Mouth of Hell

all seasons in one day 74 °F

Some pictures of our house in Ponta Delgada. It is three stories, and has very nice common areas. Our room is in the attic and has a very low ceiling, but is nice and comfortable nonetheless.
A quick breakfast of local pineapple and a toasted bolo lêvedo (basically an English muffin) with jam.
Our first stop was a mountain with an excellent view, especially of Lagoa do Fogo (lake of fire...but it seems to be full of water.). The fog and mist made it difficult to see some of the view, but it was still wonderful.
What the Azoreans call a conteira, also called kahili ginger.
After this we visited a distillery that makes a variety of liqueurs that we were able to try. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, so there aren’t any here.
Next we visited the Gorreana Tea Plantation, which is one of two commercial tea plantations in Europe, both of which are in São Miguel.
Around the “factory” and the fields of Gorreana. No one was sorting or processing tea today, but we got to see the machines and the fields where the tea is grown.
Us in the field.
Us with Katie in the field.
Us having some tea, with a mysterious figure behind us.
Having fun at a picnic in the rain (there were shelters available which we used. Plus, we had the whole place to ourselves.)
Next, we stopped at an old aqueduct that is no longer used. We weren’t sure when it was built, but it was fun to climb to the top of it!
Another viewpoint: Boca do Inferno (the Mouth of Hell). It doesn’t look particularly hellish at the moment.
Sete Cidades is named for the legend of the Seven Cities (which is related to legends such as Atlantis, Hy-Brasil, etc.), but really has no cities, just a small village and some beautiful lakes. It was around this time that Catherine and her cousins started discussing the idea of pooling our money and buying a house here.
We went swimming in this piscina, which really means swimming pool but here seems to imply a place near the ocean that is set up for swimming. The water was somewhat cold, but it was still an incredible experience. It really felt like the ultimate wave pool. EEE35487-BD0D-484E-B721-C617E24F5712.jpeg
We had a great time.
A São Miguel street scene.
Dinner was at O Galego, said by some to have the best steaks on the island (though our tour guide, whose brother-in-law owns a restaurant, thought otherwise.) Neither of us eat a lot of beef, but we both got our steaks well-done and they were in fact enjoyable. For some reason, in the Azores steaks are served with a fried egg on top.
For dessert, the waiter asked if we would like chocolate mousse or pineapple. Daniel took this to mean that we had the choice between chocolate mousse and pineapple mousse, and ordered the chocolate. Catherine correctly ordered pineapple, which proved to be simply half a pineapple on a plate. After dinner, we met a lot of our group and the other group (Don, Marcia, and Dominic) at Doris Bar by the marina. We had a wonderful day and can’t wait for Faial tomorrow.

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